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Come to Tavern on Main in Chepachet RI, (an historic restaurant known for its paranormal happenings) where you can choose from our "menu" of Metaphysical services and also the Tavern's menu of delicious food and drink!

valentine's fair 2020 poster for email.p
valentine's fair 2020 poster for email.p

Our Metaphysical Offerings:


  • PSYCHIC READINGs with glimples of the Past, Present, and Future

  • MEDIUMSHIP with Messages from the Other Side

  • REIKI Healing Sessions

  • CHAKRA Readings and Balancing

  • WITCH'S BLESSINGS to clear the way to your Heart's Desires

  • SPIRIT SCANs to let you know if positive or negative energies are in your aura

  • SPIRIT CLEANSING to remove unwanted energy from the past and present

  • ANGEL AND FAIRY MESSAGES to guide and comfort you 

Dinner with the Psychics

The Cosmic Cat’s newest event!  We have put together a fabulous evening to please all six senses!


During the delicious Award-Winning

Buffet Dinner (with vegetarian and vegan offerings, too!), the Readers will give a personal reading to each and every guest. The Cosmic Cat’s team consists of gifted, experienced Psychics, Healers and Mediums, who help guests to gain clarity and peace in their lives. You can expect glimpses of the future and possibly receive messages from Loved Ones, friends, or neighbors who have passed. Our goal is to bring guidance to those who seek it, along with good food and good company.


After dinner there's a Show! An enhanced version of our Psychic Panel with all of our day's Professional Psychics participating will be presented. Your questions will be answered by one or several on the Panel





The Psychics

Dinner for One


Please join us for The Cosmic Cat’s next Dinner with the Psychics!

Cost: $100 per person


Tickets are available at:

The Cosmic Cat, 30 Front St., Putnam, CT (860)-963-9500



who have insights that pertain to your situation. We will answer as many questions as time allows.


While joining you for dinner, our team of professional, experienced, and very gifted Psychics and Mediums are also prepared to be interviewed by you. Be sure to prepare any questions you may have in regard to their Psychic way of life and their experiences with the Other Side.


One of the greater motivations for creating this experience is our perceived need for healing and peace and harmony in the world today. As a gesture of kindness, there will be a Group Healing Session. Through a guided meditation for relaxation and the sounds of the Chakra Singing Bowls, we will attempt to generate and send forth loving vibrations to ourselves, our families, and the world around us.







Dinner for Two

Coming again soon


Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, you will be fascinated as our THREE professional Psychics get together and delve into your past, present, and future to give you insight and information that will guide you to your life's most positive outcome!
You may hear messages from Spirit, communicate with loved ones, and get new perspectives on your life's most stressful issues.
When you call for your appointment, don't forget to also schedule time for your

Panel Reading: $40/15 minutes
Energy Cleanse and Balance: $25

(or $15 when purchased with Panel Reading)
Due to the ongoing popularity of these events, it's important that you make your appointment as soon as possible.
E-mail: or call: 860-963-9500