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With psychic readers on every corner, mediums on television, and paranormal happenings being discussed in normal conversation, it is apparent that many of us are curious about the power of intuition and how to tap into our own.

Nadine’s Crystal Forecast was designed by a woman whose own natural born gift of intuition has led to a full time career of channeling through helpful information for others. Over the many years that she has done this work she has received a wealth of knowledge and guidance which she wants to share with a larger audience.

The information guide teaches a simple technique of tossing crystals and Rune symbols onto a printed cloth. In this way you will be able to interpret events and messages that can help in answering personal questions concerning issues past, present, and future.

The easy to use kit is designed to coax your natural intuition into action. Over time the symbols and meanings will adapt to your particular beliefs and understanding.

Working with Nadine’s Crystal Forecast is a fun and easy method of allowing one’s inner knowing to come to the surface.

Whether you choose to read for yourself or for others, we hope you will enjoy your results and we are very interested in any personal experiences you may have with Nadine’s Crystal Forecast that you wish to share.

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Nadine’s Crystal Forecast comes with:


  • Full Set of Natural Crystals (Size, Shape, and Variety will vary from kit to kit)

  • Set of 24 Hand Painted Rune Symbols on Natural Mother of Pearl Tiles

  • 22” Black Cloth Printed with The Wheel of Aspects and One-Word Cues

  • Beaded Velvet Pouch

  • Crystal Pendulum

  • The Official Nadine’s Crystal Forecast Guide



Introductory Offer: $70.00

(includes tax and shipping/handling to anywhere in the continental US)


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