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  • Phone Session:
  • 15 Minutes or                           $30

       Spirit Cleanse:   15 Minutes



  • In-person* or Phone Session:

  • 30 Minutes                               $60




  • In-person* or Phone Session:

  • One Hour                                 $100         


Choose your reading and call: 860-963-9500 or e-mail  thecosmiccat@yahoo.com


Types of Readings:


  • Psychic: Insights Past, Present, and Future

  • Mediumship: Communication with the Other Side

  • Combination Psychic & Mediumship

  • Healing Session*

  • Past Life*

  • Spirit Cleansing**

* One Hour Only       **15 Minutes Only

Whichever method you choose, you will receive a fresh outlook and new perspectives. Nadine receives and communicates messages that will impress and delight you. Her guidance and wisdom is far reaching and certain to brighten your day and improve your life.