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What are people saying about Nadine?

"Nadine, you have an amazing gift and such a kind and loving heart - we are so grateful to know you and just love our "new" "old" home! Just have to say were right about everything - it worked out exactly as you said!...Amazing & Wonderful!"

-----------Angela & Brian W.

I came to Nadine shortly after I had lost my father. I asked about him and she said she was confused because he kept saying he could not hear me, but he was looking for his glasses. I knew at that moment that it was him. There was no way she could have known he always said, "Let me put my glasses on so I can hear you better.".....She was right on the money with her assessment of me and how things are for me, even answering a question that I did not ask regarding my finishing my masters degree and being a natural at teaching.....She was on point on so much stuff that I cannot list it all. I am so thankful for the peace Nadine helped bring to me without even knowing she was answering unasked questions.. Thank you again, Nadine!

--------EP, Thompson, CT

My daughter and I had our first readings with Nadine in 2007. Needless to say, that was it for us! We became addicted to Nadine's positive, and remarkably accurate insight! Although we lived nearly an hour away, we continued to see her at her store for years to follow. She always made myself, friends and family feel very welcomed and comfortable. I recently learned that she also offers  PHONE READINGS and therefore decided to make an appointment.


The reading I received on the phone vs. in person were absolutely the same! To my delight and enjoyment, it was as informative and fun as it is in person!

I will certainly make another phone reading appointment in the near future as well as informing my friends and family about this great service!


With gratitude,


Glastonbury, CT

"Thursday nights Psychic Medium class was incredible. My grandfather dropped in to say hi, and my brother let me know that I didn't know the full story of his passing, so i'll be looking into that.
I also took a Tarot class from her which just finished today. I'll definitely be taking her Professional Tarot class which will be starting up soon. Thanks Nadine for such an awesome class. Out of 5 stars, I give you 10. Your a great teacher and make it easy to understand. Thank you for making it fun!!!"

------------Robert S.


"A few days ago we were fortunate to take a class at Cosmic Cat, last year Nadine did a reading for me. Through my life I have gotten feelings or intuitions ....I have been open minded but skeptical about the subject. I had never done this before (a reading) and really didn't know WHAT to expect. Nadine was patient and very kind. I had questions and she answered them. When she did the reading, well it blew me out of the water. Never, ever did I expect what I got out of this encounter. Never, did I expect to get answers to questions I had in my mind. NO ONE knew about this subject. I did not know Nadine personally and she knew nothing about me. I will not be going into detail here. But I will say, this was amazing, helpful and soothing to my heart and mind in a way that I never could feel. Not to be dramatic but there is peace in my heart. I wanted to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed our class. It was informational and fun. Nice, small group of people, enough so it was a group but not so many that I felt that I wasn't getting what I needed out the class. At the end of the class, Nadine did a reading on each of us. Again, Nadine hit the nail on the head with each one of us. We all left very happy and satisfied with the class and the reading. We all left very happy and satisfied with the class and the reading. Would I go again or recommend Nadine or Cosmic Cat?? 100% yes. In a heartbeat. If you NEED/WANT a reading but have been afraid, don't be....take care.

------------Nancy A.

"On my spiritual journey I've had the good fortune of meeting a few magical people who have the ability to bring out the best in others, and Nadine is one of those people."




"I have listened to you and appreciate your are very good and I believe in ya,100 percent..."

------------Jason I.



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