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*Most classes are available by request for groups of 3 or more. Tutorials are also offered.

REIKI I Workshop

Energy Healing Technique 

Includes Certification




Sunday, August 5th 10am-6pm

Cost: $150

Spirit Cleansing Class Parts I, II, and III

Complete Workshop



It's time to let go of that which no longer serves us! Releasing our ties to our personal negativity lets us breathe easier and concentrate better on our wishes and desires for ourselves and our community.

In Part I we begin the process by learning about easy, everyday techniques to remove past issues and to adjust the mind to point ourselves in a better direction.
We will be familiarizing ourselves with Native American practices as well as mindfulness exercises. A brief introduction to the Chakras and a Balancing/Blessing will be provided.

Part II will teach us how to cleanse and balance the home and workplace to welcome better communication and to help us to ward off a return of our own negative thoughts and feelings.

Part III addresses the issue of negative energies that reside and prevail in the home. Techniques to help release the unwanted attachments and to create a more harmonious atmosphere will be discussed.


Complete workshop:  $75 pp (prepaid)


PART II Quantum Entanglement



Saturday, Oct. 5th 6:30pm


Part II explores Quantum Mechanics, the theoretical formalism that explained and made possible so many of the things that science and technology have brought us during the past 90 years. We will explore a most peculiar aspect which  is the apparent deep connection (called "entanglement") that exists between things that have interacted with one another.  This strange behavioral phenomenon was  called "spooky action at a distance" by that Albert Einstein We will describe some of these weird effects, point out how basic they have become to our lives in this modern era, and explain why a consensus on understanding nature at its tiniest scales has still not been reached.


Reservations required

Cost: $15/pp

Mediumship Circle

(By Request)


Join Psychic-Medium Nadine and those of like mind on an interactive journey to Communicate with Loved Ones on the Other Side. Even if you have never been aware of spirits, you will learn how and be encouraged to receive and give messages. In addition, Nadine will address each of you (as time allows) and provide a brief message. You may bring metallic objects (jewelry, glasses, etc.) to attract the energy of the person who owned them. And, don't forget to invite your friends and family from the spirit world!


Cost: $40/pp


Day/Time: tba

.Minimum 5 people, Maximum 12 people. Payment is required in advance.



Four week course

January 2020




A mind-opening technique for beginners and practicing readers who wish to create a psychic connection with Tarot cards.  Learn how to access your intuiton for insight into your own life and the world around you. Whether or not you have read Tarot cards before, you will be amazed at the power of this technique to boost your psychic ability. In just a few weeks, without memorizing or consulting books, you will know how to tap into past, present, and future events for yourself and others.


Cost: $125pp (includes 4 or 5 1 hour sessions)

Private Tutorial Cost: $220


Tools: Nadine's Intuitive Tarot Workbook and Rider or Universal-Waite Tarot Deck (Additional)



Past Life Meditation

(By Request)


Have you ever felt you knew someone even though you never met? Or have you visited a new place that felt somehow oddly familiar?

Past Life experiences can provide us with answers to questions that could otherwise not be answered.

Gather with a group of seekers (or set a date for a private session) and travel through Nadine's relaxing, guided meditation to places and experiences that may be a part of your previous history.


Cost: $20/pp

Day/Time: tba

Minimum 5 people, Maximum 14 people

Payment is required in advance.

Private Session: $100



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